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GateJapan's system is made to maximize your purchasing power in Japan. No more money floating!

Now you can have your funds stored in japanese yen in your GateJapan account! It's cheap and it's safe with the following money transfer systems!

All the world:
- Paypal: GateJapan accepts PayPal as a form of payment only for deposits under 40000 yen. For more than 40000 yen please use Eurogiro or International Postal Money Order.
Please notice that:
- PayPal retains 3,6% + 40 JPY of the amount you send.
- The balance update is not automatic: allow us 24 working hours to update your balance.
- when you transfer money with PayPal, you must write in the notes your registered mail address with GateJapan if this differs from the one you use with PayPal

Amount to deposit

No credit card systems

- International Postal Money Order (United States Postal Service);

- Eurogiro (Poste Italiane);
- Postagiro Internazionale (Poste Italiane);

For other Countries: Ask to your Postal Office for Eurogiro, Post Giro or International Postal Money Order.
DON'T SEND CASH - we don't accept other forms of payment than those specfified in this page. Contact us to know more about your country's best form of money transfer to Japan.

Send the International Postal Money Order and Eurogiro to GateJapan's Account Administrator :
Bartolini Massimiliano
Makamicho, 1-26-19
Osaka-fu, Takatsuki-shi

Send the Post Giro (Postagiro) to:
Bartolini Massimiliano
Makamicho, 1-26-19
Osaka-fu, Takatsuki-shi
Japan postal account number: 14440-25445171

When you send us money remember to:
- keep your data upgraded;
- write (or attach) also your registered GateJapan email address;


GateJapan doesn't charge anything for this service.
The sums we receive from you in Japan are always converted automatically (at the best rates!) from the postal offices themselfs. GateJapan will get the amount you sent in japanese yen, which will be added to your Account balance just as we get them.
Notice that PayPal retains 3,6% + 40 JPY of the amount you send.

Terms and Conditions

1. Money deposit service. GateJapan accepts to keep on one of his bank accounts in Japan his users's funds for the sole purpose of performing the services requested by the users themselfs. The stored money will not be used by GateJapan for any other operation than those specified by the present Agreement.

2. Deposit requests. After the Registration, you can choose one of the form of deposit you like from the list specified on's pages. You must carefully follow the steps as indicated for every form of deposit, for a correct allocation of money requires all the needed fields to be compiled as requested.

3. Deposit in Japan. As GateJapan recieves from you the money orders, GateJapan will provide to put that sum of money in his bank account and fill your GateJapan account balance with the exact amount received in Japan expressed in JPY (Japanese Yen).

4. Deposit and time limits. The maximum amount you can deposit in your GateJapan account is 1.000.000 JPY. After one year of inactivity with, we may ask you to withdraw your remaining funds from your Account. In case there is no notice or communication from you and/or the withdrawal requested by GateJapan doesn't take place for more than 6 months after our notice, the withdrawal will not be possible anymore and the funds won't be refunded. Remember to keep your registered data updated to facilitate the communications.

5. Performing services: GateJapan will detract from your Account balance the money needed to perform the requested operations applying the fees and charges as specified for each Service in the pages of

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