General Agreement

This page shows the full GateJapan Terms and Conditions for each Service provided.

By creating and using an Account in GateJapan you agree to the following rules.

General Agreement [Last Update on: 14/05/2016 09:31:57]
This Agreement is a contract between you and GateJapan and applies to your use of GateJapan Services.
You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it.

Our relationship with you

1. GateJapan is an intermediary for buying items and for bidding on your behalf on japanese online auctions. Addingly, GateJapan helps you buying things from japanese websites, communicate with japanese sellers or other japanese speaking people to allow the purchase of products, their storage in Japan and their shipping to You. GateJapan does not have control of or liability for the products that are bought through our Service.

2. Accepting your requests. You can ask to GateJapan to provide a certain service, to buy a certain product or bid a certain auction, but GateJapan can choose to refuse to assist you if GateJapan believes that the conditions for the purchase of a certain product or the performance of a certain service may damage GateJapan or you. For example, we may refuse to shop from what we believe to be an untrustable seller, or bid for an auction when the seller has not a good feedback. Remember that there are categories of products GateJapan doesn't operate with. You can check them on our website.

3. Eligibility. To be eligible for our Services, you must be at least 18 years old and be able to communicate in english.

4. Your privacy. GateJapan only requests data in order to provide its Services and will not give your personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary to protect GateJapan, you or a third party.

5. Notices to you. You agree that GateJapan may provide notice to you by posting it on our website, or emailing it to your email address. Such notice shall be considered to be received by you within 24 hours of the time it is posted to our website or emailed to you.

6. Notices to GateJapan. Notices to GateJapan can be provided by posting to the following address: Bartolini Massimiliano 606-8357, Sakyo-ku, Shogoin rengezocho 8-26, Kyoto, JAPAN.

7. Working time: GateJapan follows japanese offices's working time and it's not a 24 hour service. Our offices are closed for holydays and on week-ends. Outside of the working time, it will not be possible for GateJapan to assist you for any operation. You accept and aggree that GateJapan isn't a "just in time" service and that assistance requests may need some time to be processed.

8. No warranty. GateJapan makes no representations or warranties regarding the amount of time needed to complete processing because our Service is dependent upon many factors outside of our control, such as delays in the banking system, processing delays on the part of the merchants, or mail service delays.

9. Accounts. The email and password that you recieve when you make an account with GateJapan are private and personal and shall not be used by anyone else but yourself. Therefore you aggree and accept that GateJapan will consider any operation done after a successful login procedure as done by you. You can terminate your account by requesting it to GateJapan, but you are responsable for requesting the withdrawal of your remaining funds before doing it. It will not be possible to withdraw funds of a closed account.

10. Risks and responsabilities. GateJapan will try to protect you and advise you about every operation you are going to perform through our services. However, if a transation goes bad whithout any particular mismanage on GateJapan's side (for example if a seller doesn't send us the item that GateJapan paid on your behalf etc.), GateJapan is not to be considered responsable for any loss that may occur. Japanese sellers are usually very reliable, but you must remember that on internet there is the risk to deal with minors or swindlers.

Forbidden Goods [Last Update on: 14/05/2016 09:31:57]
Gunpowers: fireworks, firecrackers, ammunitions
Flammable liquids: lighter fuel, paint
Compressed gasses: fire extinguishers, aqualungs, dust removers (spray type), portable condensed oxygen, helium gas, gas stove burners for camping, gas for portable stoves, gas for lighters
Flammable materials: matches, lighters
Oxidizers: bleach, peroxidative agents, oxygen generators for personal use
Oxidizers: chloroform, insecticide transpirators (heat type)
Poisonous substances: mercury, batteries
Radioactive substances: plutonium, radium, uranium, caesium
Narcotics: narcotics and psychotropic substances
Pornographic materials: pornographic or immoral materials
GateJapan may refuse to buy for you a certain product also for ethical or moral reasons (for example diamonds, ivory...)

Money / Deposit [Last Update on: 27/05/2011 12:34:06]
1. Money deposit service. GateJapan accepts to keep on one of his bank accounts in Japan his users's funds for the sole purpose of performing the services requested by the users themselfs. The stored money will not be used by GateJapan for any other operation than those specified by the present Agreement.

2. Deposit requests. After the Registration, you can choose one of the form of deposit you like from the list specified on's pages. You must carefully follow the steps as indicated for every form of deposit, for a correct allocation of money requires all the needed fields to be compiled as requested.

3. Deposit in Japan. As GateJapan recieves from you the money orders, GateJapan will provide to put that sum of money in his bank account and fill your GateJapan account balance with the exact amount received in Japan expressed in JPY (Japanese Yen).

4. Deposit and time limits. The maximum amount you can deposit in your GateJapan account is 1.000.000 JPY. After one year of inactivity with, we may ask you to withdraw your remaining funds from your Account. In case there is no notice or communication from you and/or the withdrawal requested by GateJapan doesn't take place for more than 6 months after our notice, the withdrawal will not be possible anymore and the funds won't be refunded. Remember to keep your registered data updated to facilitate the communications.

5. Performing services: GateJapan will detract from your Account balance the money needed to perform the requested operations applying the fees and charges as specified for each Service in the pages of

Money / Deposit (GJ-Credit) [Last Update on: 20/04/2009 04:07:57]
1. GJ-Credit. GateJapan offers this service to allow a faster allocation of funds in your Account balance. The service is limited to Verified users. GateJapan "adds in advance" the sum you request to your Account balance while waiting to get your payment in Japan. To request this service, compile the proper form and attach a copy of the proof of your payment to GateJapan. All the requests are irreversible, so if you have any doubts about the operation you should contact GateJapan before proceeding.

2. Accepting your request. After receiving the requested documents, GateJapan will scrutinize them. You agree and accept that GateJapan isn't compelled by any means to accept your request, and that GateJapan makes no warranties about the time that could be needed to allocate GJ-Credit on your account. Please remember to check out GJ working time.

Money / Withdraw [Last Update on: 01/10/2009 07:11:51]
1. Withdrawal. In case you want GateJapan to send the remaining funds (or part of them) on your Account balance back to you, compile the proper form. GateJapan performs this operations every 15th of the month. Notice that:

- refunds for amounts superior to 40.000 JPY will be performed via International Postal Money Order only;
- it will not be possible to withdraw funds of a closed account.
- for security reasons and anti-terrorism policy, GateJapan can only send back money to where it comes from, and only for the amount coming from that specific Country (for example if You sent GateJapan 300.000 JPY from England and 100.000 JPY from Italy, we can only send back money to England for a maximum of 300.000 JPY and to Italy for a maximum of 100.000 JPY);
- for security reasons, GateJapan may ask you to send a copy of your passaport or ID card to perform the withdrawal operation;

2. Withrawal fees. Notice that:
- you will need to cover a fee of 2.500 JPY for any International Postal Money Order;
- this fees will be detracted from your GateJapan account;
- refunds performed via PayPal are subject of PayPal charges. You agree that you are the one who will cover this charges, and not GateJapan;

Auctions / Auctions [Last Update on: 27/02/2009 03:44:50]
1. Bid request. To request a bid, you must let GateJapan know the URL of the japanese auction you are interested in and the maximum amount you want to bid. The bid shall be your final one, because GateJapan may have not enough time to accept and place your rebids.

2. Accepting a bid. You agree that GateJapan may choose not to accept a bid request and refuse to bid if:
- the product belongs to one of the product categories GateJapan doesn't work with, as specified on the GateJapan site;
- GateJapan considers the seller not reliable;
- GateJapan considers that the seller hasn't a feedback good enough for the requested bid;

3. Placing a bid. If your request will be accepted from GateJapan, GateJapan will place the bid for that exact amount, using a GateJapan's personal account for that auction site. GateJapan doesn't increase little by little the bid or place the bid at the very last moment, but just type in the amount you requested as soon as the request has been accepted. Please notice that usually the online auctions sites provide automatic systems which rebid whenever necessary for the minimum amount needed to let you win the auction. The rebid systems stop working as the maximum amount (i.e. the amount you requested to bid to GateJapan) has been reached.

4. Multiple bids. Every single order processed by GateJapan is considered separated from the others for all the esteems, charges and fees as specified in the present Agreement. However, if the conditions for the transactions with the seller allows it, GateJapan may choose to partially discount the fees specified in the fees tab (for example when winning at the same time two auctions from the same seller and having the seller cooperatig with GateJapan to save money for the shipping in Japan).

5. Time for processing. GateJapan may not have enough time to place your bids or rebids if the requests are placed too late. Consider the time in Japan and the working time of GateJapan as specified in to allow GateJapan enough time to assist you.

6. Fees and charges. Note that the system doesn't allow to commit an amount of money that overcomes your account balance. The actual amount of money that will be deduct from your Account will be calculated on the final price of the auctions you win (not on your maximum bid, if the final price is lower).

For each auction:

GateJapan charge (calculated on the final price of the auctions):

0 - 1000 = 700 JPY
1001 - 3000 = 1000 JPY
3001 - 7000 = 1700 JPY
7001 - 15000 = 2200 JPY
15001 - 20000 = 2800 JPY
20001 - 30000 = 3200 JPY
30001 - 50000 = 4000 JPY
50001 - 80000 = 4800 JPY
more than 80000 = +6%

1.500 JPY (domestic money transfer/shipping from japanese seller to GateJapan): if the conditions for the transaction with the seller allow it, GateJapan may choose to partially discount this fee (for example when winning at the same time two auctions from the same seller and having the seller cooperatig with GateJapan to save money for the shipping in Japan). On the other hand, if the object is very heavy or big, this fee could be more expensive (usually never more than 2000 yen in total);

This are the fees needed for the actual purchase and storage of the products in Japan. The shipment to you is not included.

7. No warranty. GateJapan does not have control of or liability for the products that are bought through our Service. GateJapan assists you to bid at the internet address you request, but GateJapan doesn't guarrantee that the seller is going to complete the transaction and that the products we recieve on your behalf will satisfy you. You accept not to consider GateJapan responsable for any of this kind of problems that may occurr and that are out of the GateJapan's reasonable control.

Logistics / Shipping [Last Update on: 01/03/2009 06:58:57]
1. Storage. GateJapan collects in its storage room the goods purchased by you. The maximum time limit for the storage is one month, but GateJapan may choose to extend this period depending on the size of the items. The storage room is safe and dry, but in case of accidents outside of GateJapan responsability (for example earthquakes, fire etc.), you agree that GateJapan will not refund any losses.

2. Shipping. GateJapan sends the items abroad via EMS only. The packages have insurance based on their value. We process the shipping requests as soon as possible. To avoid delays, you should remember to check to know about our holydays and our working time. GateJapan will try its best to send abroad different purchases in one single package, but does not guarrantee that this will always be possible.

3. Big size items. If the items purchased by you are very big or heavy, GateJapan may ask you the permission to ship them to your address before one month has expired (when the purchases are big, it's usually very difficult to send them in one single package, and so there is no "need" to have the items stored in our storage room).

4. Customs duty. Depending on the kind of order processed, there may be customs duty to be paid in order to get the package in the destination Country. As GateJapan is only a buyer on your behalf in Japan, by accepting this Agreement you accept and agree to be the one who pays for any customs duty that may occur in the transaction process.

5. Fees and charges. GateJapan charges the 5% of the shipping cost to you. Both shipping cost and charges are automatically detracted from your Account balance.

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